Taking the guesswork out of
Document SecurityTM

State of the Art, Fraud Resistant,
Anti Copy Document Security Paper Products
for commercial Printers

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Manufactured by Micro Format, Inc. - Wheeling IL 60090
Micro Format, Inc.
Micro Format, Inc.
Est.1983 ~ On Line Since 1995
Since 1983, with corporate offices located in Chicago Illinois and with affiliated manufacturing facilities located in cities across the United States, Micro Format provides Document Security Paper Products worldwide.

Document Security Paper IS OUR BUSINESS ...
... not a sideline.

Micro Format Inc. is an award winning
Product Innovation Company specializing in
"high technology" State of the Art Tamper Resistant, Anti Copy Fraud Resistant Security Paper Products.

Micro Format means

Digital Security Paper

SecureGuard™ Document Security Paper Division Web Sites:
  • SecureGuard REACT™ INDIGO Security Coupon Paper
    coated for use in Indigo Printers

  • www.Paper4Printers.com
    Document Security Paper Products for Commercial Printers.
    • Prescription Pad Base Stock
    • Laser Rx Paper Products
    • Secure Coupon Paper Products

  • www.OrderReact.com
    REACT™ Security Paper
    Exclusively for the Trade

  • www.SecureCouponPaper.com
  • www.CIChologramPaper.com

    CIC Best Practices Digital Coupon Paper

    SecureGuard REACT™ Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram presents a great opportunity for commercial printers
    to provide both short run and variable coupons which could not be produced cost effectively until now.
    • It is no longer necessary to print a year supply of coupons.
      REACT™ DIGITAL security paper with the CIC Hologram is a stock paper product.
      Purchase as much or as little paper as you need to fill the order on hand.
    • It is no longer necessary to tie up thousands of dollars in production cost just to reduce the price per coupon.
    • It is no longer necessary to tie up storage space
    • Eliminate the chance that certificates will become obsolete before they are distributed.
      Print only the coupons needed

  • www.Paper4Transcripts.com
  • www.SecureTranscriptPaper.com

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